Zodiac Predictions


Decisions taken in the past will fructify this year. The beginning of the year may not be very good as far as your health is concerned. So, taking necessary precautions would be advisable. In the last leg of this year, a spurt in your business is indicated. But, a toll on your emotional health is likely to come along with it. You are a born charmer, so you will win many hearts.


Through the year, you may have to put extra efforts and diligence in achieving your desired goal in every walk of life. Ventures overseas may not be perfect. It will be better to not go for any partnership. Overall, it will be an average year. But, you will learn many new things. Your marital and financial position shall be of satisfaction. I believe that charity is the biggest remedy for everyone. I would recommend the same to you.


The intuitive power of Gemini will be helpful through this year. You may have to keep away from your residence for your work. You have to keep a control on your expenditure, which may be very high because of obvious reasons. Fluctuating health is indicated. Many opportunities are in offing for those involved in new startups. Fortune may come your way. This will grow further and aid your overall success in the future.


Your planetary constellations suggest harmonious enhancement in the field of finance, sports, social life, as well as relationships in 2018. But, you should have an instinctive focus on your health. I suggest that you avoid heated arguments with anyone in any condition. You are wired to enjoy a lavish life. But, you should try to keep a check on your expenses at this time.


Your planetary alignment suggests that your interest in religion and virtual pursuit may gain momentum. Relationships would be sour and sweet. All the opportunities of life may come your way and you would rise financially in your enterprise. Overseas travel is likely. Working women should take extra care regarding their health. This will be a good year for those involved in ‘politics’.


It is certain that 2018 will be a year of big achievements for you. Numerous opportunities would fall in your lap. Social, personal, as well as corporate sectors will witness a colossal rise. Hard work is the key to success. But, would strongly suggest that you all try to manage your energy, not your time. Your intellectual prowess will multiply and will beget positivity in your life — if you are able to manage your energy.


The planetary configuration suggests that you all will witness an increase in your energies and capabilities which will go in your favor. But, contentment may bring complacency, which you should take care of. New ventures are in the offing. Those who have business interest in Europe will find success. This will be a progressive year for you all.


If you love challenges, then achievements and laurels are there for you. Don’t get involved in any partnership. If you do, be extra careful. Health concerns may prevail all year around. The near elimination of your opponents is foreseen. Be cautious before investments in any venture. Mixed results are seen in the year 2018.


This year shall provide you with all the opportunities to grow in life. Strong determination will be a focal attribute of your life. This will make you work on your flaws and shortcomings. You will have a new and practical approach in all your relations. Successful overseas business tours and new financial connections are indicated.


Your stars suggest new business opportunities. These will give you a new understanding of life. Financially, this year may not be satisfactory. Your foreign connections would give an increase in your income. For investors, a pertinent caution is inevitable. Try to stay far away from controversies. In the latter half of the year, certain fortunate happenings are expected.


Your hard work will increase your wealth this year. And you may lay foundations for future growth. It will be better to focus on new ventures. Certainly, your financial status may improve. Investment in Health ventures will be profitable. Long journeys can be foreseen. Indulgence in virtuous pursuits are indicated.


I suggest that you keep away from stress and overindulgence. Proactive action is needed regarding your health. You may acquire a new premises for yourself. Your stars suggest that it will be very profitable to invest in electronics. Caution is necessary while investing in the speculative market. Overall, this will be a very good year as long as you take care your health.

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