Office Vastu
Stuck in Business Losses, Time To Get Vastu For Your Office Right
Published on The Pioneer 15-02-2015 As per Vastu, North is the Direction of Kuber - the God of Wealth. Thus, an accounts Department in the North attracts the blessings of Kuber and will be able to attract more returns. The Sales staff of theorganization should be located in the north western portion, where harmonycan be promoted easily. The Technical staff of theorganization should be placed in the South-east. The    Read More...

Kundalini Demystified
Published on The Pioneer 25-01-2015 The seeker who successfully arouses their kundalini begets a great companion in their spiritual journey. That companion is an energy, a vital force, that makes the steep slopes of life easier to climb, It can advance  seeker’s spiritual aspirations. Kundalini Shakti Shakti of Kundalini is the divine power within every human being.  Known by many names, this sacred inner presence is the    Read More...

Does Chanting Mantras Help?
Published on The Pioneer 31-08-2014 It heals the body and mind,thus creating positivity, says Praveen Singh Chauhan Reciting mantras, an age-old spiritualpractice, always remained shrouded in the realms of awe and marvel, and wasperceived miraculous in effect if practiced. Chanting mantras forms a part ofmany religious rituals, and diverse spiritual traditions consider chantingmantras as a route to spiritual and worldly    Read More...

Palm Surgery Won't Change Karma
Palm Surgery Won’t Change Karma
Published on The Pioneer 29-06-2014 It is just a new western ‘gimmick’ to entice people  says PRAVEEN SINGH CHAUHAN A new branch of medical commerce called ‘palm surgery’ is being propagated in some advanced countries for improving and changing one’s fate simply by altering palm lines through laser devices. It is being publicised as a sure shot way to change people’s lives and future by manipulating existing lines on    Read More...

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